Financial engineering with securitized derivatives
as Private placement or public offer

Innovative, recently developed financial market instruments with securitized derivatives are used to combine the security required by clients with the potential return of shares, indices, commodities, real estate or interest rate trends, allowing the investor to participate in a virtually unlimited number of selected markets. Profits can be achieved not only with rising stocks. An investor can also profit from a negative market development or make retroactive investments in asset classes that showed the best performance during a certain period, thus following a very complex investment strategy.

Previous investment strategies, usually combining direct investments with funds, can be optimized with such an approach. It allows you to achieve profits in situations where direct investments would already show a negative performance. During strong market phases, the investment return can significantly outperform direct investments due to a higher participation in rising markets.

Ignoring or not considering structured investments means missing out on these new possibilities and relying on speculative fortune strategies instead of following strategic investment goals.

Current anomalies on the international financial markets require special consideration, because the subsequent return to historical averages can produce significant profits.

Consequently, your selected basic values (indices, individual papers, commodities, real estate, benchmark interest rates) are the core of your investment strategy, as your potential profit depends on their development. You can cover whole markets, like all of Europe, for example, or invest in selected promising topics.

An important criterion for product development (private placement) and product selection (public offer) is the correlation between the functionality of the investment strategy and market expectations (falling, stagnating, rising).

According to your personal readiness to assume risk (risk-averse, risk-neutral, risk-loving), the risk level can be adjusted to your individual preference in a targeted way. This is assured by the selection and combination of a limited capital guarantee of the issuer with partial security (security buffer through risk barriers or predefined limits, as a partial protection against possible setbacks) and defined asset preservation through an unconditional capital guarantee of the issuer at the end of the period.

Of course, the basic rules of the capital market apply to every situation and every investment, and therefore it is vitally important to perform a personal and comprehensive consultation in order to balance and fine-tune prospects and risk-structure.

Marc Leitner
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