Marc Leitner

Raiffeisenbank Salzburg-Liefering reg.Gen.m.b.H. (excerpt from 2001 letter of reference)
Mr. Leitner is an assessment value specialist who enjoys great trust from his investors through his successful supervision of our international assessment customers in the private and commercial sector and has displayed proven professional competence, expert dedication, a sense of responsibility, conscientiousness, and entrepreneurial thinking.
Raiffeisenverband Salzburg (excerpt from 2005 letter of recommendation)
Mr. Leitner possesses outstanding expertise.
Schoellerbank AG (excerpt from 2007 letter of recommendation)
Mr. Leitner joined the Schoellerbank AG as an asset management specialist and reported directly to the board of directors in this staff function. His entrepreneurial trading was always characterised by customer orientation. Mr. Letiner was convincing through his motivation.

• Österreichischer Raiffeisenverband Raiffeisenakademie
• Raiffeisenbank Salzburg-Liefering reg.Gen.m.b.H.
• Raiffeisenverband Salzburg reg.Gen.m.b.H.
• SMBS University of Salzburg Business School
• Schoellerbank AG, manager of Asset Management Consulting
• Founded the consulting company Invest Consulting e.U. in the year 2007
• Founded the tourism management company Exclusive Adventure Tours Australia I
  Europe managed by Invest Consulting e.U. in the year 2008
Marc Leitner
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