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The prioritised goal of banks, investment companies and capital investment companies, thus clearly defined shareholder companies, is value creation management for increased company value for the owners. A delicate drawback for every investor.

With the founding of my consulting firm Invest Consulting e.U., headquartered in Austria, I am realising the demand of numerous long-term and future clients to secure their assessment success in the securities industry through truly individual, independent, and innovative investment counselling on a private and institutional scale and thereby fully utilising the international investment universe.

As an investment banking specialist and manager of asset management consulting of an extremely successful private bank in an internationally operating corporate group, the use of all money and capital market instruments in a highly complex and globalised financial market was of vital significance in institutional asset management.

I am familiar with those fundamental values and principles that are in no way temporary but rather of sustained and stable constancy. Substantial growth, capital hedging, sustainability, increased earnings, yield on investment, and tax optimisation are stated goals of every investor.

I politely request you to allow me to analyse your securities position for you and regularly present excellent investment opportunities of professional and highly developed asset management to you. If you wish to make an appointment, please call me anytime at +43 664 3862747 or email me at

Yours sincerely,
Marc Leitner

Marc Leitner
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